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Laid back sarcastic guy here I Searching Real Dating

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Laid back sarcastic guy here

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Dating a sarcastic woman is like going on a roller coaster ride of fun. Every chat is an opportunity for verbal word play.

It's veritable tennis match of wits. Just kidding.

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Kind of. It's even been proven that understanding sarcasm makes you smarter. However gone are the days of Betty Draper, xarcastic ladies just sat around looking pretty.

Her mad oratory skills and engaging repartee are a sign that she fancies you like peanut butter fancies jelly. Or carrots fancy peas.

On that note, here's what you need to know about dating a sarcastic girl. We want you to join in on the fun! Someone who is equally funny and sarcastic is hotter than the sun.

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I'm pretty sure a guy who is funny could look Mr. Potato Head and still get laid.

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Start ribbing her back and watch the sparks fly faster sarcastc the first night of The Bachelor. You just need to watch one episode of Parks and Rec to know.

laie Even though April is likely laid back sarcastic guy here of the most sarcastic characters to ever exist, she never sarcastuc to melt like an ice cream cone when it comes to her hubby Andy. In spite of her tough exterior, she's endlessly supportive of her loved ones.

Sarcastic women are just as capable of loving puppies, babies, and butterflies as the next person. So that when she tells that story about that time laid back sarcastic guy here got so drunk you fell asleep going down on her in front of your siblings, you'll be able to laugh it off true story.

Because that is hilarious! So is the time you tripped and fell in mud and everyone thought you pooped your pants.

Everything has the potential to be funny, even her own mishaps. I once made a joke about my tampon mishap. Sarcastic chicks aren't likely to let you see them sweat.

Because that would be totally against their M. But don't let that fool you. Consider her sarcastic remarks a sign that she wants you.

After all, she wouldn't bother making fun of someone she didn't fancy. That would be like going out to eat Mexican food if you don't ladi tacos, P.

Boring people are no fun to joke with, so if she's joking with you she's thinks you're the cat's meow. We can take it as much we can dish it.